Bricolage for really, really smart people.

The only web publishing system that doesn’t think it’s smarter than you are.

Stop trying to hack your way out of someone else’s paper bag, and start enjoying total freedom.

Bricolage > Hello, world.

Bricolage > Running Bricolage (not for the faint of heart).

Seriosly, it’s not that hard to install. Consider it a right of passage. :) (And, if you’re lazy, just grab the virtual machine image.)

Bricolage > Five reasons you will love it.

Bricolage > Pure Perl solution

Bricolage > WTF is an “enterprise” solution?

AFAIK, Bricolage is the only pure Perl solution for enterprise content management.

Bricolage > Document Modelling ftw!

Bricolage > Output channels? Output anything!

Examples: html, xml, JSON, PDFs, or post to an API. Anything goes, just like Perl.

Bricolage > Templating

There’s more than one way to do it:

Bricolage > The power tools you need built right in

Last, but not least: Bric::SOAP! A powerful way to interact with Bricolage from the command line, other programs, and so on.

Bricolage > Who the heck is using it?

More than 100,000 stories managed by Bricolage, including 4,500 versions of the home page, plus several thousand versions of each of the section home pages.

Bricolage > Who the heck is using it?

Simultaneous publishing in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish.

Bricolage > Who the heck is using it?

Bricolage is powering the Denison University web site, plus department and office web sites.

Bricolage > Who the heck is using it?

Bricolage manages the content and editorial workflow, and Drupal manages the interactivity. Great example of how Bricolage integrates with other systems.

Bricolage > Who the heck is using it?

Quarterly print publication with more than 6,000 articles managed by Bricolage.

Bricolage > Who the heck is using it?

With over 45,000 members, PCC Natural Markets is the largest consumer-owned natural food cooperative in the United States. Bricolage manages over 2,000 pages, as well as RSS feeds, job postings and event listings.

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